A season of fun, a lifetime of impact

Summer camp is a special place for campers to get out into nature, get away from the distractions of life, and have a real adventure. Expect a ton of fun, with zip lining, swimming, archery, camp-wide games, amazing food, awesome barn times, and new ways to see God in their lives.

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What time is check-in? Campers can begin checking in for their week of camp at 6:00 PM Sunday.

What time is check-out? Camper check-out begins at 6:30 PM on Thursday.

How much money should I give my camper? We recommend $30-$50 for your camper’s week at camp for snacks and small souvenirs in the store. This can come in the form of cash, debit card, or a preloaded bank card and will be turned in at check-in to be kept at the store for the duration of camp and then returned at check-out.

What kinds of things can my camper purchase in the store? Our camp store sells treats – candy, soda, chips, ice cream, etc. We also sell souvenirs – rocks, arrowheads, small jewelry, sunglasses, shirts, hats, etc. Most items cost less than $5.00, though walking sticks and hats can cost up to $20.00.

Do you have on-site medical care? We will have a health care supervisor on-site during summer camp who can administer first aid treatment and medications while your camper is here. All medications must be in original packaging with your child's medical prescription on it. Our staff will not dispense vitamins or essential oils.

Does your kitchen accommodate dietary restrictions? Yes, please include that information in your camper’s registration form. Our kitchen does not serve nuts, fish, or shellfish of any kind.

Can my camper call home? To discourage homesickness and help your camper enjoy his/her time as much as possible, we work to connect campers with parents in other more intentional and engaging ways. Calling home can sometimes cause further homesickness, so we encourage parents to write letters or send packages. Remember that these will take time to post to camp, so prepare accordingly (see question Can I send mail to my camper? below). Additionally, parents can email campers at any time. Their counselors and staff will relay these messages every day. In the event of an emergency, parents will always be notified of any information regarding their camper(s).

What is an email pack? Parents can send their campers a special one-way message any time they want! We print emails that come in daily and deliver them to campers at our regular meetings. Only you and whomever you invite to send emails can send them to your camper, which means they will remain private.

Can I send mail to my camper? Yes, and it's usually a highlight for campers. Mail is delivered nightly before dinner. Remember to send your mail the week before your camper is due to arrive. Please address your camper’s mail like this:

Indian Hills Camp
Camper Name
Church Name (if applicable)
15763 Lyons Valley Rd. Jamul, CA 91935

More questions? Feel free to email us at or give us a call at (619) 669-6498.


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