Field Trips 

Our Field Trip Program is open to public, private and home schools. The half-day field trip includes two 45-minute class presentations, a lunch period and free time to visit the giant playground, farmyard, obstacle course, and camp store (open upon request). Our program is perfect for students in the 2nd through 6th grades. Our class descriptions below include recommended grade levels, though any class can be attended by any grade level.

Our program can accommodate from 30 to 120 students. Please note, there is a 30 student minimum that can be met by combining with another school already booked or by paying for 30 students.


Picnics are open to private, public and home school groups at the end of May and early June. Picnics include general access to the camp facilities including a giant playground, farmyard, BMX track, obstacle course, hiking trails, and camp store (upon request). Your school can request program activities as well, like Zip Line, Paintball Range, Pool, and Human Foosball for additional fees. You can also reserve rentals from our store like Dirt Boards and Frisbee Golf for a small additional fee and deposit. Pack your lunches and come out for a fun-filled end of the school year event! 

Field Trip Classes

Pushing and Pulling

Add a push or a pull and there it goes! Don't worry, gravity and friction can make it stop. Potential energy and kinetic energy both have their parts to play. Your students will learn the basics of energy forces and how potential and kinetic energy are found all throughout their day in this exciting, interactive class.
CA State Standards: 1 c, d, e
(Recommended for 2nd Grade)

Animal Adaptations

All animals need to fit in with their environment. In this class, your students will learn how animals adjust to the ever-changing environment around them and have a chance to investigate how each of the animals in our farmyard have adapted to their particular environment.
CA State Standards: 3. a, b, c, d
(Recommended for 3rd Grade)



Southern California has a rich foundation of geological wonders and seismic activity. This class covers the basics of the rock cycle, as well as how plate tectonics can lead to earthquakes and volcanoes. Look out! This class also features a few volcanic eruptions!
CA State Standards: 1.a, b, c, d, e,and f; 3. a, b, d, e; 4.a; 5.a
(Recommended for 2nd -5th Grade)


Gold Mine

The discovery of gold in California changed the state forever! Be a part of living history as your students pan for gold, learn about the past, and have their gold assayed. We hope they hit the "mother load!"
CA State Standards: 3.3, 4.2
(Recommended for 4th Grade)

Web of Life

Everything is connected! Your students will see how energy passes from the sun to Earth's diverse organisms. Your students will learn the critical role each organism plays in its ecosystem, no matter how big or small.
CA State Standards: 2.a, b, c; 3.a, b
(Recommended for 4th Grade)

Overland Trail

Take a trip out west with early American settlers. Your students will learn what it takes to survive in the harsh conditions of the Overland Trail System. After they learn the basics they will have the chance to step onto IHC's own Overland Trail!
CA State Standards: 5.8, 4
(Recommended for 5th Grade)


(Please note 2022-2023 school year pricing subject to change.)

Field Trips

Student Fee: $17
Teacher/Chaperone Fee: $17

You will receive one free teacher/chaperone per 8 students. A minimum of 30 students is required to book (or a minimum fee of $450). This minimum may be met by booking on a date with another school.


Student Fee: $11
Teacher/Chaperone Fee: $11, 1 FREE adult per 8 students

Picnic Program Activity:
Gold Panning $9
Zip line $11.50
Hikes $9
Archery $9
Paintball Range $13.50
Crafts $8.50


Bike Rentals

$13 for 1 Hour

$26 All Day

Booking Process


You will receive a contract, per your selections. Sign and return your contract, along with a $75.00 deposit, to secure your date within two weeks.

Fill out the reservation request form

Sample  Field Trip Schedule


Schedule is subject to change--a final schedule based on your needs and camp availability  will be provided upon check-in on the day of your Field Trip at IHC. 

          9:30 - Arrival / Free Time / Restrooms

          10:00 - Class Selection #1

          10:45 - Visit the Farmyard / Free Time on the Playground

          11:30 - Class Selection #2

          12:15 - Lunch / Store Open (Optional)

          1:00 - Free Time/ Restrooms/ Departure

* Each student and chaperone should bring a lunch and plan on a 30 minute lunch period.

** Your school may arrive as early as 9 AM and leave as late as 2 PM
If you need to arrive later or leave earlier due to transportation, please notify the registrar in the booking process.

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