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Keeping Up with Camp - August 2021

We’ve had an amazing summer filled with great memories, new volunteers to help around camp, and the chance to serve more people as weekends and events return. Here are some of those stories you can catch up on!

Summer Camps

That’s right: summer is back! Staff training week was filled with tons of new folks looking to impact kids’ lives through camping ministry. TEAM Unplugged made its return this year as well, with high schoolers volunteering to give their summer to the campers they served.

From the end of June until July, Indian Hills Camp saw over 190 campers attend two camps, with lots making decisions for Jesus or to grow closer in their walks. Our youth camps were filled with eager elementary school kids, while junior high was packed full of teams ready to compete for points through crazy games and competitions. 


With the willingness of local volunteers, our Adopt-A-Cabin program is still in full swing. All People's Church has joined the cause of renovating our cabins with hours of amazing work. Check out our Adopt-A-Cabin program here!  Whether elbow grease or financial support, IHC needs your help to continue the ministry of reaching kids for Jesus through camping. Please consider an ongoing donation via our website.

Weekends & Events

More fantastic news: weekends are back for groups and the return of food service! Now you can enjoy our amazing cabins, rustic wagons, unique teepees, and even a miner shack or two without worrying about your own food for the trip. One less thing to stress over, and one more thing we're proud to bring you at Indian Hills Camp.

Gearing Up for Fall: 6th Grade Camp

It's never too early to have students plan for an outdoor adventure! Join us in October 2021 and take your students’ learning outside. Science, outdoor education, biology, astronomy, and tons of fun.