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Camp in May 2021

Since the beginning of the year, Indian Hills has been providing fantastic camp experiences for folks and working to bring camp back to normal in the coming months. After tons of volunteer help, the return of weekend groups, and the fun of summer ahead, let's catch up a bit on camp.

Our Weekend Groups
More fantastic news for weekends: the return of food service! Now you can enjoy our amazing cabins, rustic wagons, unique teepees, and even a miner shack or two without having to worry about bringing your own viddles for the trip. One less thing to stress over, and one more thing we're proud to bring you at Indian Hills Camp.

Summer Camps
We're full speed ahead and we're All In for summer camp! Join us June 27 to July 1 for Kid's camp, or July 5 to July 9 for junior high camp. All the fun and crazy times mixed in with the chance to grow and learn who Jesus is crafting your kids to be, all in one place. Be a part of what God is doing at camp and sign up for summer today!

Sixth Grade Camps
It's never too early to plan for an outdoor adventure! Join us in October 2021 and take your students' learning outside. Science, outdoor education, biology, astronomy, and tons of fun. Stay tuned for more details, and join our mailing list!