Jr. High Camp...2018

"So God created human beings in His own image…” (Gen.1:27)

Indian Hill's Jr High Camp is for children entering the 7th through 9th grades in the 2018-2019 school year.

Our Jr High Camp is a traditional summer camp. Your son or daughter will have a camp counselor, either provided by IHC or by the church they are attending with, and will be grouped with up to 9 other boys or girls of similar ages for 5 days and 4 nights of fun, adventure, and Jesus. Jr High Camp is high energy. In an epic challenge to gain the most points your campers will be competing in a week long competition against other camper teams and our summer high school volunteers. The competition includes crazy and over the top outdoor games, activities, and bible verses. At the end of the week a grand prize will be awarded to the team with the most points! This is geared to make sure your camper is engaged, learning, thriving, and growing during their time at Indian Hills Camp.

We partner with local churches and ministries every year to bring as many children as possible to camp. Our goal is to provide camp for the lowest price possible in order to eliminate barriers keeping kids from experiencing summer camp and hearing about Jesus. If you are interested in sending your child to summer camp, there may be a church near you sending campers. You can also check back on our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for update on when Summer Camp registration will open for individual campers.

If you are inquiring about bringing children from a church or ministry, please see our Outreach Partner page for more information.

Important Info

Rates and Sample Day

Camper fee: $200*
Counselor fee: $250
*If your camper is attending with a church or ministry, please refer to them for final pricing

Sample Schedule
7:30 Wake Up
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Morning Meeting
10:25 Team Strategy
10:40 Team Competions 
12:30 Lunch
1:15  Cabin Time 
2:00 Cabin Activities
4:15 Camper Freetime
5:30 Dinner
6:15  Evening Freetime
7:45 Night Meeting
9:30 Wash Up for Bed
9:45 Cabin Time & Night Devotions
10:00 Lights Out


Parent Info Packet


Individual camper registration is not yet open at this time. If you'd like to know when registration will be open, subscribe to receive updates below...



All campers attending will be housed in groups of 10 campers, with 1 or 2 counselors provided by the church or ministry they are attending with or IHC if they are an individual camper. Campers will sleep in either our cabins, covered wagons or tepees. 

Lodging is equipped with the basic necessities, including a mattress, bunk beds, and lights to insure a full great outdoor experience for your camper. For a further description of where your camper may be staying, please refer to our lodging page. Each area includes a central restroom facility including toilet, sink and showers.



Included Activities
Archery // Game Room // BMX // Dirt Boards // Obstacle Course // Sling Shots // Farmyard // Frisbee Golf // Sports // Skits // Giant Playground // Human Foosball // Hikes // Crafts // Swimming // Camp Store // Water Games // Field Games 

 Check our activities page to learn more about these activities.

Add On Activities: $35.00 each

Tracks (you may select one per camper):

BMX Beginner Clinic: Time to put away your video games and fancy gadgets and gizmos! Come and learn how to ride a bike on a track! You will never look at dirt the same! In this track, you will learn the basics of riding berms, balance, braking techniques, and basic bike care to ensure safety. Once you are comfortable we can tackle the basics of jumping! Airtime on a bike is the best part! Come and enjoy some fresh air, sweet dirt and riders who want to teach you by sharing their passion for Jesus and life through riding bikes!

 Paintball Range: There’s no better place to hone your precision and speed than the range. Sign up for paintball to learn basic marker safety and marksmanship under the guidance of IHC’s Highly Trained Facilitators. Our dynamic target range offers challenge and fun for campers of all skill levels.

Please note, all activities are non-refundable. Please let your camper know what they are signed up for before they arrive.


Q: What time is check in?

       Campers can begin checking in for their week of camp at 6pm.

Q: What time is check out?

       Camper check out  begins at 1:00 PM on the last day of encampment.

Q: Can I pay for registration or activities online as a parent of a camper who is coming as part of a group?

Registrations are agreements made with the church, and as such can only be paid for by the church online. Any additions to the registration (i.e. additional activity fees) are also billed to the church. You should contact your church to find out how they would like to collect fees for registration and activities.

Q: The registration system is asking for credit card information. What is this for?

 The registration site will only prompt parents to add credit card information if they have selected to purchase a store card for their camper or an email package (both are not linked to the registration and therefore not billed to the church).

 Q: What is a store card?

Our camp store is CASHLESS, meaning that all purchases have to be made via a store card. This makes the campers’ store experience quicker and more enjoyable and eliminates any lost money during the week. The easiest way to purchase a store card is during the registration process. Any funds remaining at the end of the campers’ time here can either be donated or refunded to further the ministry at IHC.

Q: How much money should I give my camper?

We recommend $30-$50 for your camper’s week at camp for snacks and small souvenirs in the store.

Q: What kinds of things can my camper purchase in the store?

Our camp store sells treats – candy, soda, chips, ice cream, etc. – ranging in price from $0.10 to $4.00. We also sell souvenirs – rocks, arrowheads, small jewelry, sunglasses, shirts, hats, etc. Most items cost less than $5.00 though walking sticks and hats can cost up to $20.00. You may purchase some items in advance for your camper through our webstore.

Q: What is an email pack?

Emails only work one-way. We print the emails that come in daily and deliver them to the campers. Only you and whoever you invite to send emails can send an email to your camper. There are no computers available for campers to email back on – and they’ll be having way too much fun!

Q: Can my camper call home?

In order to discourage homesickness, we do not allow calls home unless there is an emergency. For campers missing home, hearing a parent’s voice can often make the matter worse and the child is less likely to stay. We can deliver messages to your camper via their teacher if needed. Please do not send your camper with a cell phone, and remember that cell service is scarce in our valley.

Q: Do you have a camp nurse on site?

We do have an RN on site during summer camp who can administer first aid treatment and medications while your camper is here. All medications need to be in original packaging and must be prescription or accompanied by a doctor’s note. Our nurses will not dispense vitamins or essential oils.

Q: Does your kitchen accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, please include that information in your camper’s registration form. If your camper has a serious allergy, please contact the office to speak with our food service supervisor. Our kitchen does not serve nuts of any kind.

Q: Can I send mail to my camper?

Yes. Mail is delivered nightly before dinner. Remember to send your mail the week  before your camper is due to arrive. Please address your camper’s mail like this:

Indian Hills Camp
Camper Name
Church Name (if applicable)
15763 Lyons Valley Rd.
Jamul, CA 91935

Q: Can my camper leave during the week?

Due to the campers’ full schedule here, we do not recommend campers leave and return during the week if        possible. This also interrupts valuable bonding time with other cabin mates and their counselor. If necessary, a camper may be checked out once for up to 5 hours. Campers must be checked out from the front office, during   office hours (8 AM to 10 PM). If arrival back to camp is later than 10 PM you may arrange with the registrar to return your camper when the office opens in the morning.

Q: What is the weather like?

The weather here is similar to Rancho San Diego. Check the weather online before you send your camper, but days will most likely be warm and it can get chilly in the evenings.

Key Summer Staff

Danny Long

Team Program Directoroffice: (619) 669-6498

Jacques Van Wyk

Program Supervisor, Instructoroffice: (619) 669-6498

Melissa Fierro

Resident Camp Registraroffice: (619) 669-6498