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International Staff


 Arun 'Pogo" Kochary...

came to Indian Hills Camp in the summer of 2005, to be equipped, trained, and sent back to India to begin conducting child evangelism through camping ministry.  Since his return, Arun has conducted more than 200 camps on his own throughout Northeastern India and Nepal.  Indian Hills sent teams to help Arun launch and expand his camping ministry in India and Nepal.  Since 2005, Arun's camps have had over 30,000 campers and more than 20,000 first-time decisions for Jesus Christ!  Now that is incredible! Arun continues to do ministry in India through MMS International.

Paul "Pablo" and Molly "Cha-Cha"...

came to Indian Hills Camp in the summer of 2009, to be equipped, trained, and sent back to India to begin conducting child evangelism in their community. Since their return, Paul and Molly have incorporated their training into their ministry. They run various sports camps and have a boy's prison ministry where they provide for and play with the boys who are imprisoned. Currently, they have adopted 19 orphaned girls who were saved from female infanticide. IHC's training has played a valuable role in their ministry today. Paul and Molly are both beautiful examples of what God can do with a willing heart!

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Blessings "Jonah" Chibambo...

came to Indian Hills Camp in the summer of 2011, to be equipped, trained, and sent back to Malawi, Africa to begin conducting child evangelism through camping ministry.  He returned to Malawi in November 2011,  fully equipped with a "camp-in-a-bag". Blessings' dream is to purchase land and establish a children's camp at Lake Malawi. He is currently a Missions Parterner with Bridgeway Church. Stay tuned for what comes next...


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Jose and Hazel

Jose and Hazel came to IHC in Summer 2012.  They are from San Marcos, Nicaragua and are newly married.  They are missionaries in "El Iguanero", a village they minister to and take food to feed 30 kids each day.  They also have key roles with the ministry of Rancho Hebron and help there in any way they can.  Jose is an industrial engineer, so he fixes everything that is broken at the ministry (unless of course it's unfixable).  Hazel is a lawyer and she helps with all the legal paperwork of the ministry.

Both are also involved in the camping ministry of Camp Hazjane and go to most of the camps and help minister to the kids who come.  They both can and have given messages for the youth and work as counselors every time they are able to go. 



Wongi and Fiki

Wongi and Fiki are from Malawi! Malawi is located in South East Africa! They are friends studying together at African Bible College. Wongi is 22 years old and Fiki is 21. Wongi and Fiki came to visit IHC in Summer 2013 they were here to see what camp is like so they can bring what they learned and their fun time with campers back to Malawi with them and bless other campers just like you! 



Jai "Taj" and Sarah "Brooklyn" 

Sarah grew a love for India after meeting IHC's 2009 missional guests, Paul and Molly. Two years later she traveled independently with a team of former IHC staff to run programs for their ministries. That is when she met Jai, Paul's youngest brother. Both worked alongside each other for two weeks, and found that their spiritual gifts and talents matched, leading them into an easy friendship. In spite of the distance, Jai and Sarah continued to communicate and support each other in prayer. Two years later, when Sarah returned by herself, the two became engaged. In the summer of 2014 Jai joined IHC as an international guest. Now married and living in India, Jai and Sarah serve the people in their community for the sake of The Gospel. They've nicknamed their marriage and ministry "Masala," as a symbol of the mixing together of their lives and culture. They now work together to facilitate sports and games programs for children and youth, most coming from the poorest areas of the city; children whose parents are gypsies, kids who live in the slums, and orphans who are considered to be the lowest level of society. Jai and Sarah continue to love and serve these children by sharing a message of hope, The Gospel of our Saviour Christ Jesus. 
Jose "Muscles" Espinoza
Jose camp to Indian Hills Camp in the summer of 2015 to be equipped, trained, and sent back to Ensenada, Mexico where he helps with summer school and the youth ministry at his church. He also works with the homeless people in his area.  Jose worked with the IHC Mexico Orphan Trip in 2014 and Festus invited him to join the Indian Hills Camp for the summer to see what camp is like so he can bring what he learned and his fun time with campers back to Mexico and bless others with what he learned about Jesus through his experience at camp.