Meeting Facilities

Folsom Barn

The Folsom Barn is our largest indoor meeting and activity facility. Chairs are available for up to 100 people.  AV/Sound equipment is available for rent.
Capacity: 300

Curley's Game Room

This indoor meeting area is set up as a community game room upon request and requires an advance reservation. Chairs and electricity are available.
Capacity: 75

Winchester's Outpost

Medium indoor meeting facility with an Outdoor Education theme. Chairs and electricity available.
Capacity: 80

Oak Rock Amphitheater

Situated between large natural rocks, Oak Rock accommodates large groups and has a stage platform area. A fire pit is accessible under a removable lid in the stage floor. Lights and electricity are available for evening meetings.
Capacity: 350

Western Town Stage

The Western Town Stage makes a great setting for your group's meetings and performances. Lights and electricity for evening meetings are available.
Capacity: 200

Tepee Village Fire Circle

Medium sized outdoor Spirit Runner Amphitheater with a campfire ring.
Capacity: 75

Ol' Miner Jack's

O'l Miner Jack's Amphitheater is a medium sized outdoor area with a campfire ring.
Capacity: 75

Corral Fire Circle

Our Corral Fire Circle is a medium sized outdoor Amphitheater with campfire ring that is encircled by a log fence.
Capacity: 75