Group Camping

Plan your next event with us!

 Whether its a family reunion, church retreat, or birthday party, we would love  to provide you with the facilities you need to make your event a memorable one. With a variety of lodging options and meeting areas that seat up to three hundred people, there is a place for you here.

If you are interested in learning more about a stay at Indian Hills Camp, click the links below to see what we offer.  We look forward to seeing you here at camp!

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Weekend Reservation Request
Weekend Reservation Request Form

Indian Hills Camp is a large group weekend facility (40+ people).  

Smaller groups between 16-39 people can book six weeks in advance. For 15 people or less, can be booked two weeks in advance.

If your group is less than 40 people, your request will be responded to when the requested dates fall into the six week or two week period and there is availability.

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(A minimum of 15 people required to book group Activities per Activity)

(We are a Weekend Camping Facility. If you are requesting Weekday(s), Please include at least ONE optional weekend date below)

Lodging Area You Are Requesting:*

Group Category:*

Requesting Food Service for your Group? (Group minimum of 40 people is required. $7.00 per person per meal. Meal numbers are adjustable based on length of stay)

Requesting a meeting area for your group?

Optional Day Time Group Activities: (Minimum of 15 people per activity required, additional fees may apply)

Optional Night Time Group Activities: (Minimum of 30 people per activity required, additional fees may apply)